Custom Leather Urns

We are lucky to have a guest author – Marc R. Shea – write a few words about his products. We really do recommend that you take a closer look at his website. He creates made to order custom leather urns and memorial chests which are truly exceptional as to design and quality. Urns for ashes really don’t come any more unique or individual than these.

custom leather urns

Custom Leather Urns by Marc R. Shea.

One of my hobbies is working with leather. Over time I have made many unique items while taking over this craft from my late father. I now include cremation and keepsake custom leather urns to my list of offerings. Unhurried attention, precision and much care is invested into creating each unit. My aim is to respectfully combine function with a truly original work of art.

The design.

If you wish and before any of the work begins, perhaps you can tell me a little about the person’s life (or email me a copy of his eulogy). Was he / she involved in any particular sport or community activity?  Were they known for their volunteer work? What kind of individual is this being made for? Basically any information about your loved one is welcomed. The degree of customization that I provide, naturally leads to better client satisfaction. You can decide if the Urn should be heavy or light in weight. Some clients actively contribute to the Urn’s design, while others will leave it to me.

The manufacturing process.

Once you commission a project, we will then proceed to determine the exact shape & size of the box, type of wood used and style of hinges needed. The actual process of physically creating the Urn is what comes next. The wooden shell is built. A general theme is chosen and I incorporate select details collected about the person into the design. You can select from many patterns to adorn the different sides of the Urn. These are traced onto the wet leather. The cutting, tooling and dyeing of the leather follows. The next step is the gluing of the leather onto the Urn and installing the chosen attachments such as: hinges, opening/closing latches, brass decorative corner protectors or footings. I can incorporate your choice of religious themes, chosen words or initials for example. Whether you need companion, pet or lifestyle Urns, we are only limited by our imaginations.

The end result is an elegant, handmade and unique leather covered Urn, created specifically for your special loved one. The leather is protected by a semi-gloss finish and the insides are lined with suede. Each piece is tastefully designed to be as different and unique as the one whose ashes it cradles.

Together we will create a beautiful, final resting place for your sorely missed loved one.


custom leather urns

A couple of final points…

Please remember that the custom leather urns I produce are all individuals. They are not ‘off the shelf’ products and I only begin manufacture when I fully understand your requirements. While I always try and get your product to you as soon as possible, I would ask you to understand that the lead time will be longer than if you were ordering a stock line from an internet store. I will be very happy to discuss this further with you prior to placing your order.

As well as making custom leather urns I also manufacture several other items such as leather chests, bags and bracelets. All of these are made to order to your required design and make perfect memorial gifts, or presents for other occasions.

How to find out more….

Please visit my website where you can learn a little more about me and view many more examples of my work. You can also contact me from there if you would like to discuss your needs further.


Best Regards,

Marc R Shea